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Say I Am You Re-released on Vinyl!

"Say I Am You" available on vinyl LP now for the first time ever, for the 10th Anniversary of the album via our web store! 

10 years ago we were living in a rented bungalow in Pasadena in a friend's backyard, and had just signed our first record deal with Nettwerk Records. When the record was released we both were home with a horrible flu - there was no record release party, no press release, no advance warning it was going up on iTunes. Our first week’s sales were 218 copies. Since then, the album has sold more than a hundred thousand copies, with single sales in the millions.

The new vinyl is sweet orange, with liner notes and pictures in a great package, and it's a limited run. We're very proud of this record, and grateful.

Sirens Tour Recap

The 2015 Sirens Tour was The Weepies most successful tour to date. Thank you for your wonderful support, it was a truly magical experience being back out on the road performing. More to come soon!


Our first full length album in 5 years, SIRENS, is now out in the world. You can  get it on iTunes right now, it's also available at Amazon and everywhere fine records are sold! 

SIRENS!! New Album, Pre Order and 2015 Tour

SIRENS!! Our new album 'Sirens' will be out on April 28th.  You can pre-order it right now directly from The Weepies AND we are touring this Spring!  Billboard has more about it here...!

Our year in brief, with pictures

Stand Up 2 Cancer features the year long journey of folk-pop duo The Weepies.